• Prevent Pipe Freeze this Winter

  • Tips for Frozen Pipe Prevention

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    With the winter upon us, we can look forward to the many things the holidays bring. However, winter means cold weather, which can wreak havoc on your plumbing system if you aren’t ready for it. Dropping temperatures and frozen water means any plumbing systems need to be properly winterized to prevent frozen pipes. While freezing may seem like a menial problem, it could be a costly problem when frozen pipes turn into a busted pipes that flood your home. Avoid hefty repair costs by performing proper maintenance and calling a licensed plumber when before you make it any worse. Here are 3 tips to follow for limiting the damage of Old Man Winter on your home this year!

    Follow Prevention Tips for Frozen Pipes

    While it may not be a sure thing that your pipes will freeze, it’s cost-efficient to take maintenance steps to avoid any costly repairs. Additionally, pipes that are most likely to freeze are 1. Pipes located in an unheated part of the home (crawl space, attic, etc., 2. Pipes in poorly insulated walls, or 3. Exterior pipes. Be sure to use insulated foam or heat tape to wrap pipes and prevent freezing temperatures. You can also use the tried and true method of dripping your faucets, which allows a small portion of water to run through the pipes, preventing pipe freeze. Finally, shut off the water to your home, completely, if leaving for an extended period of time.

    What Do I Do When They Freeze?pipes freeze belleville il

    When a pipe freezes in your home, you’ll likely know it due to one of a few things. First, you’ll notice that water isn’t coming out of the faucet, or water is coming out very slowly. You may also notice frost forming on the pipe or odd smells emitting from faucets and drains.  If you know where your pipe freeze has occurred, and it’s easily accessible, you may be able to unfreeze yourself. Use towels soaked in hot water, hair dryers or space heaters to start the melt. Keep a faucet open; running water will help melt them quicker. Use caution when working to unfreeze, and never use any open flames for pipe thawing.

    When Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

    It’s never too early to call a professional when it comes to frozen pipes. What may be a difficult task for you can be handled in a short visit by a licensed plumber. Furthermore, you don’t want to risk causing more damage to your plumbing system. When that frozen pipe becomes a busted pipe, you’ll be paying the big bucks to fix it and any water damage that comes with.