• Why Do I Need a Plumber for Remodeling?

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    For many, it’s their dream to finally redo the kitchen. They want to get rid of the flooring, add a kitchen island, and do away with that ugly wallpaper. However, when it comes to a complete kitchen remodeling job, don’t forget to involve a professional plumber in your plans. While many contractors also carry state plumbing licenses, it’s not a guarantee. Make sure your contractor has one to ensure the safety and quality of your project. If not, you’ll want to find a local, professional plumber that you trust to provide the following:

    Water Line Installation

    Of course, you’ll need properly installed water lines in your kitchen to supply water to appliances, sinks, and wash basins. When it comes to this part of the remodel, you won’t want to cut any corners. It would be a shame for those beautiful wood floors to be ruined by a water line that was incorrectly installed, wouldn’t it?

    Gas Line Installation

    While this section is optional (some homes don’t use natural gas), it’s worth noting here.  This is another specialized service that your general contractor may not have expert knowledge of; even some plumbers aren’t certified to install gas lines. If you’re remodeling and powering appliances with gas, make sure you find someone with both gas and water line installation experience.

    Fixtures & Finishes

    Another reason to involve a plumber is for your fixtures and plumbing components like sinks, drains, pipes, garbage disposals, and more. Not only is hook up and installation a breeze, but they can provide helpful tips on troubleshooting and problem prevention as well.

    Appliance Installation

    While many big box stores tout that they come with free installation, it may make you more comfortable to let your local professional do it. They’ll take the time to ensure everything fits and alert you of any problems they encounter throughout the process. If you’re spending all this money on a new refrigerator, you’ll want to ensure it’s hooked up correctly.

    Code Violation Correction

    Code violations are no joke. Building codes exist for a reason and must be followed throughout the remodeling process. A professional plumber can spot code violations fast and ensure you aren’t making any new ones while you work.