• Water Heater Warning Signs

  • Know these Symptoms of Failing Water Heaters!

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    Don’t you love just stepping into an ice-cold shower? Wait, you don’t? Then you might want to make sure your water heater is always running at optimal levels. Whether its washing the dishes or relaxing with a hot bath; hot water plays a role in so many of the mundane tasks of daily life. However, you might only notice when you’re forced to go without it. To ensure you don’t go long periods with the steaming hot water that you love so much, pay attention to these warning signs to know when you need repairs or a replacement!

    Poor Water Quality

    If the hot water you’re getting is of poor quality, this is a prominent sign of an issue. Problems with the water could include rusty, cloudy, or smelly water. This could be due to the buildup sediments in the hot water tank. Talk to a professional and have your water tested to get this problem taken care of.

    Leaking Connections

    If you notice water on the floor around your unit, it could be time to call the professionals. However, you’ll want to know exactly where the water is coming from, to give your repairman an accurate description of the problem. Check the connections for rust, damage, and condensation to determine the origin of the leak.

    Leaking Tank

    Another part of your unit that could be causing leaking problems is the tank. Constructed of metal, the walls of the tank expand and contract depending on the tank temperature. This could be causing leaks in the walls of the tank and the problems with your water heater.


    Many homeowners complain of water heaters that rumble running. This is not normal, and should be checked by a technician. The hardening of sediments inside the tank may be causing these issues and could spell the need for a replacement.


    The biggest sign that you water heater isn’t working correctly, is when it’s not working. If you’re completely without hot water; call a 24/7 plumber with the skills to get your unit back up and running.

    Water heater problems are not DIY jobs. They’re complicated machines that should be handled by trained professionals. Furthermore, a poor functioning water heater will waste energy while not supplying a sufficient amount of hot water. Additionally, if problems go unchecked, this could be the result!